I first work with the team to determine the market problem we aim to solve. I do this through competitive analysis and internal discussions. Once we have decided on a topic we wish to focus on, I then carry out more focused research by interviewing end users, holding workshops, surveys, and usability tests. I like to gather as much data and evidence as possible before we begin working on a solution.

Next I take all the quantitative and qualitative research material I have, and I dissect and review, identifying common pain points, user behaviours and areas for opportunity. At this stage I also share initial findings with the team, where I like to workshop together on potential solutions. I believe it is important to collaborate and work together with Product and Engineering early on in the design and development process.

With the problems identified and solutions outlined, I begin my design work. I start with user persona creation, charting the user journey in a map, and other flow diagrams. Next I create sketches, wireframes, prototypes, and mental model demos. I document the key interactions and annotate the flows and design details for Engineering. I also present my designs to the wider team for regular feedback and input. I may also share these with users to carry out some initial testing and validation.


After all design work has been completed and handed over to the Engineering teams, I continue to review the features as they are developed. I also work with the Documentation team to add any updates to the release notes or knowledge base. I check in with QA to address any issues that have arisen from their testing. I continue to evaluate the feature as we gain more user feedback.